I grew up in Hamburg and had an early interest in film and motion pictures. After an internship, followed by an apprenticeship, I worked as a colorist at the Lab AtlantiK Film in Hamburg for about three years.Work called me to Munich. There I worked for two years as an assistant editor at the commercial productions ITVC, Filmhaus München. For the sake of nostalgia I frequently took some jobs at the Interteam Hamburg working as a focus puller. During this time I worked in good cooperations with many international and national DoPs.

Concentrating on being a focus puller, my first major challenge and achievement was working with the DoP Wolfgang Dickmann in the feature film „Der Westen leuchtet“ directed by Niklaus Schilling. This resulted in repeated cooperations with the director Niklaus Schilling, followed by the movie productions „Die Frau ohne Körper“,„Projektionist“ and „Dormire“.

In 1988 I had the opportunity to work as DoP at the Movie „Der Atem“ directed by Niklaus Schilling. In 1995 I followed up with „Dizzy, lieber Dizzy“ directed by Steffie Kammermeier, which was awarded at the International Film Festival of Chicago. In 2000 I started a collaboration with the director Wilhelm Engelhardt. Up to now I was involved in about 30 TV Movies and more than 50 TV Series.Today still being a director cameraman for commercials and industrial films I am dedicated to save and preserve our visual and audio heritage. Working for MWA Nova, a company producing professional film scanners, I am helping clients to digitalize and archive vintage film material all around the world.